ITS World Congress Los Angeles

Meet us at the Nordic+ Pavilion

18. – 22. September 2022 Los Angeles CA

Meet us at the Nordic+ Pavilion. Come visit and be prepared for pitches, side-events and networking!

Welcome to the Nordic+ Pavilion

Nordic+ is part of the ITS World Congress 2022 at LA Convention Center! The Nordic+ Pavilion connects companies, startups, authorities, academia and research throughout the congress. Come visit and be prepared for pitches, side-events and networking!

Discover the latest mobility innovations from the region at the nordic+ Pavilion

Join us at LA Convention Center booth 1447

Nordic+ pavilion program

Join us at the event for talks and presentation by our Nordic partners.

LA Convention Center booth 1447

Smart and Digital Cities

11:30 AM

Triplesign VMS for Smart & Sustainable Societies
Hans-Ivar Olsson, Managing Director, Triple Sign System AB

Three layers of smart mobility – how are we going to build them?
Ville Kilpiö, Smart Mobility Specialist, Sitowise

Smart operations with autonomous plow vehicles to increase the attractiveness of 4-season bicycling
Ingeborg Olsvik, Senior Advisor, Department for Mobility and Society, Viken County Council

Implementation of new smart systems in electric and automated transportation
Heikki Rajasalo, Solution Sales Lead, Mobility & Transport, VTT

Enabling mobility with account based ticketing and payment card as ticket
Christian Aune Thomassen, WTW AS

15-minute city – smart and digital Helsinki
Sonja Malin, Senior Advisor, Helsinki Partners

Imagining the Future of Urban Mobility
Jaana Hyvärinen, Senior Manager, Strategic Foresight, KONE


2:30 PM

How Norway became the No. 1 country in the Electric Vehicle Adaption
Ane Dalsnes Storsæter, PhD. VP R&D Tolling, Q-Free

Electrification in rural areas
Kristin Jacobsen, Advisor, Troms and Finnmark County Administration

Reverse Pitching Session

9:30 AM

Find your opportunity in the Nordics+ – reverse pitching session by the buyers
Pitchers to be released soon.

Maritime ITS

11:30 AM

Innovative data platform to enhance and optimize port calls and port data exchange
Olli Soininen, Programme Manager, Fintraffic VTS

Data Ecosystem Enabling Operative Excellence in Port Visit
Jukka Lepistö and Sanna Vainionpää, Siili Solutions

Digital Routes to Norwegian Ports support Digitalisation both on the ship and on shore side
John Morten Klingsheim, senior engineer, Norwegian Coastal Administration

Accurate port call predictions with the power of ML
Juho Pitkänen, Development Manager, Fintraffic VTS

Smart systems for increased efficiency in Ports – Vessel Traffic Management
Björn Coster, Market Manager, Vessel Traffic Servics, Kongsberg Norcontrol

Zero-emission autonomous water shuttles
Ragnhild Wahl, Director of research and innovation, ITS Norway

Data Sharing and Cooperation

2:30 PM

Next-generation open data ecosystem – growth engine for the world’s safest, smoothest and most environmentally friendly traffic
Janne Lautanala, Chief Ecosystem and Technology Officer, Fintraffic

Data management and governance within mobility ecosystems
Aki Aapaoja, Account Director, Solita Ltd

Smart Connectivity for Smarter Mobility
Nina Egeli and Hege Louise Guttormsen, Nordic Innovation

VIKING – ITS cooperation in northern European countries
Petri Antola, Specialist for traffic management and ITS, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Norway as a test market
Kelly Ratchinsky, Program Manager, Innovation Norway

Automated and Connected Mobility

9:30 AM

The regulation of automated and connected mobility by the road authorities in Norway
Gry H Johansen, Director, Ragnhild Bechmann, Senior Engineer, and Kamilla Kjølberg, Senior Engineer, Norwegian Public Road Administration

Real-time proactive traffic management – «Electronic bus lane» FV120 Lillestrøm
Julija Glisovic, Special Advisor, Department for Mobility and Society, Viken County Council

New Mobility Services
for People

11:30 AM

ITS and innovation in the Arctic
Per Bjørn Holm-Varsi, Head of Innovation, Troms og Finnmark fylkeskommune

Sustainable Drill & Drive. A better mass transit system making the city more accessible while cutting emissions, noise and costs.
Helen Roth, Ketil Solvik-Olsen, VIA Cluster

RUC 2.0 – A Road User Charging Solution with Flexibility and Privacy at the Core
Ane Dalsnes Storsæter, PhD. VP R&D Tolling, Q-Free

How to improve mobility, traffic safety and the environment without breaking the bank
Hans-Ivar Olsson, Managing Director, Triple Sign System AB

Road-legal remote technology for urban mobility
Enn Laansoo Jr, CEO, ELMO Rent

Using distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) for avalanche detection
Espen Lauvlund Nilsen, Troms og Finnmark fylkeskommune

Transforming mobility through Nordic collaboration
Nina Egeli and Hege Louise Guttormsen, Nordic Innovation

Norway as a test market
Rebecca Scheel, Innovation Norway

KONE workshop

12:30 PM

Join a session to workshop the flow of Urban flow by KONE at the Nordic+ Pavilion!

Sustainable Logistics Transformation

2:30 PM

Sustainable Transformation to non-carbon and intelligent transport
Rafael Åman, Research Team Leader, Smart vehicle fleets, VTT

Innovative and sustainable logistics solutions for safe and attractive neighborhoods – Fornebu hub
Ingeborg Briseid Kraft, project leader, innovative and sustainable logistics solutions, Viken County Council

How can Norwegian municipalities use their purchase-power to make their own supplies zero emission and energy neutral?
Thomas Sirland, Senior Advisor, Department for Mobility and Society, Viken County Council

Green Coding – eco-friendly approach to run and implement software
Julia Heiskanen, Director Consulting Services and Anni Litmanen, Director Consulting Services, CGI

Efficient, profitable and environmentally friendly logistics from road to sea through port 2030
Elisabeth Skuggevik, Senior Advisor, Norwegian public road administration

Connect with organizations at the Pavilion

Applied Autonomy

"Knowledge, Solutions, and Services for Autonomous Transportation"

Olav Madland
+47 46446900


"Profitable Solutions by Combining Knowledge and Technology"

Terje Hundere
+ 47 90599960

Business Finland

"Smart Mobility and Batteries from Finland"

Ulla Lainio
Commercial Counselor, Business Finland Washington DC


"Insights You Can Act On"

Julia Heiskanen, CGI
+ 358 40 841 0105


"Remotely Controlled Car"

Enn Laansoo Jr
CEO and presenter at the Nordic+ Pavilion about the urban mobility solutions

Raili Somelar

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency


"Safe, smooth and environmentally friendly mobility in Finland"

Janne Lautanala
+358 407725355

Business Helsinki

"Your guide to doing business in Helsinki, Finland"

Juho Kostiainen,Mobility Lab Helsinki
+358 40 358 3181


"The future of urban mobility"

Bjørn Utgård

Innovation Norway

"Sustainable Growth and Exports for Norwegian Businesses"

Kelly Ratchinsky
Program Manager
+1 4153709113


"Improving the flow of urban life"

Jaana Hyvärinen, KONE 
+358 50 3257408

Kongsberg Norcontrol

"Maritime Surveillance"

Per Tankred Nilsen
Sales Manager
+47 90037790

Ministry of Transport and Communications

"Finnish well-being and competitiveness"

Atte Riihelä, Ministry of Transport and Communications

Nordic Innovation

"Transforming mobility through Nordic collaboration"

Nina Egeli, Nordic Innovation
+47 97520537

The Norwegian Coastal Administration

"We Take Responsibility for the Fairway"

John Morten Klingsheim
Senior Engineer
+47 911 32 002

Norwegian Public Roads Administration

"Smart and Continuous Road Transport System for All of Norway"

Gry Horne Johansen, Norwegian Public Roads Administration
+47 97089420


"The Prime Mover in Intelligent Traffic Solutions"

Vegard Thomassen,Q-Free
+47 994 37 887

Siili Solutions

"Thought leader in maritime data ecosystem thinking and solutions enabling operative excellence in port visits"

Jukka Lepistö, Siili Solutions
+358 40 801 8759

ITS World Congress 2022


"Data weaves mobility services together"

Aki Aapaoja, Solita
+358 407444823

City of Tampere

"Sustainable and intelligent transport system utilizing digitalization and intelligent transport solutions"

Mika Kulmala, City of Tampere
+358 503826455


"The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency"

Pietari Pentinsaari, Traficom


"Triplesign Solar VMS - An ITS tool for sustainable traffic management of Smart Cities"

Hans-Ivar Olsson, Triplesign
+46 707 51 20 28

Troms og Finnmark fylkeskommune

"Innovation and smart mobility in the Arctic"

Espen Lauvlund Nilsen, Transport Division
+47 951 56 161

Via Cluster

"Safe, Smart and Sustainable Transport Infrastructure"

Helen Roth
+47 47262374

Viken Fylkeskommune

"Implement innovative solutions for urban freight and smart mobility"

Hanne Botten,Viken Fylkeskommune
+47 91326518

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

"Beyond the obvious"

Heikki Rajasalo, VTT
+358 505830609


“Smart ticketing, your payment card is your ticket”

Christian Aune Thomassen
+47 93213659