ALICE – Connected, Cooperative and Automated Logistics Operations Activity Field launch

Under the auspices of the EU project MODI, interviews have been conducted with several logistics companies (members and non-members of ALICE), following the need to engage logistics users within automated road and freight transport to better understand their needs and the expected the possibilities for automated transport and logistics. This has been valuable input for MODI, but also provided a better overview of the situation.

In ALICE, there has been enough and growing interest to launch a new field of activity on “Connected, Cooperative and Automated Logistics Operations”, with support from the MODI project. The activity will be led by Zeljko Jeftic from EINRIDE. EINRIDE is both an ALICE and CCAM member and part of the CCAM Partnership Board.

The activity aims to:

  • Create a stable framework of logistics companies, shippers and retailers, under the umbrella of ALICE and supported by the MODI project, to identify opportunities, needs and gaps in the integration of automated systems in logistics operations.
  • Support wider use of automated and autonomous zero-emission vehicles and solutions in real-life logistics operations.
  • Discuss the potential for the integration of automated and autonomous operations in logistics cases and scenarios.
  • Engage with the automotive and research sector to support the CCAM partnership and the EU Commission agenda, so that the identified needs and challenges are shared and addressed.

This event will therefore represent the official kick-off of this new field of activity with the support of the European Commission and the CCAM Partnership, in particular to encourage logistics users to join and follow the initiatives such as the CCAM Partnership, projects such as MODI, AWARD, ULTIMO, SHOW, etc. This is what is planned to be facilitated, as well as to gain practical insight and requirements that are crucial for the realization of value from automation on roads!

November 28th, 15:30 – 17:00.

You can find the program and registration here!


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ALICE – Connected, Cooperative and Automated Logistics Operations Activity Field launch

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