Nordic AI Summit 2023

Are you unsure how to start your AI journey? At the Nordic AI Summit, you will be presented content that shows you how you can find potential for AI in your company, how to get started, funding, and much more!

The Nordic AI Summit is a bridge between AI engineers and various stakeholders – including start-ups, companies and investors. The conference goes beyond theoretical knowledge, it also provides practical AI experience for a wide audience. The program consists of engaging sessions dedicated to the most transformative fields of AI and is suitable for both beginners and experts. The aim is to make AI more accessible and beneficial to a wide audience – to provide insight into AI’s intricate workings and promote better understanding of its potential and practical applications.

The event takes place on November 30-1. December at DEG8 Barcode in Oslo.

Get the opportunity to look under the hood of companies that have developed AI solutions, where they present challenges that you can learn from, and be inspired by their success stories.

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Nordic AI Summit 2023

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