Online Workshop: Zero-emission heavy-duty waste collection vehicles

Cities are home to over 70 % of the EU population and account for some 85 % of the Union’s GDP. In many urban areas, however, increasing demand for urban mobility has created a situation that generates severe congestion, poor air quality, noise emissions, and high levels of CO2 emissions. Waste collection vehicles are part of this ecosystem contributing to these externalities.

Innovation plays a key role in reducing emissions through increased efficiency, optimised operation, and transition to renewable energy… and zero emission vehicles are a key factor to achieve a competitive and resource-efficient urban transport system. ENTRANCE project and Big Buyers initiative organise this workshop to provide a market analysis of zero-emission waste collection vehicles to advance and uptake the innovation reducing emissions and congestion in cities.


This workshop focusses on discussing the current market gaps that prevents a wider European uptake and the collaboration to advance on innovation.

In this sense, ENTRANCE project has developed a market analysis on the available zero emission waste collection vehicles in the market and through the work of the Big Buyers initiative it has been discovered the market gaps that avoid the uptake of this vehicles and the solutions to facilitate the innovation uptakes for emissions reduction in urban areas.

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