SOLUTRANS 2023 – AWARD's 1st final conference

Revolutionary logistics – progress in safe and efficient driverless transport!

Automated vehicles have been a concept for almost a century and promised to reduce human-related accidents and save time. As automated vehicles become more common, understanding attitudes towards them is critical to effective policy and strategy development. Automated vehicles offer increased safety and efficiency in freight transport, making logistics more competitive. Despite significant progress in autonomous truck driving, there remains a gap in widespread adoption.

The AWARD project aims to fill this gap by developing a safe autonomous driving system capable of handling adverse weather conditions. This innovation will be integrated into various vehicle types for deployment in low-speed areas – revolutionizing logistics.

Now you have the opportunity to participate in AWARD’s 1st final conference, absolutely FREE! Whether you are in freight management, logistics operations, regulatory management or exploring new business models, this conference is your gateway to a world of ground-breaking advances in autonomous transport. If you have registered for the highly anticipated SOLUTRANS 2023, AWARD’s final conference is an absolute must-attend! Registration for SOLUTRANS 2023, as well as the AWARD conference, is free, but the number of places is limited – secure your place today!

The conference will take place at SOLUTRANS 2023, 22 November at 15:00-17:00, in Lyon, France.

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SOLUTRANS 2023 – AWARD’s 1st final conference

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