Transit Ticketing & Fare Collection in Europe 2024

Global Mass Transit’s fourth conference on “Transit Ticketing & Fare Collection in Europe” takes place at the Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 24th-25th of April.

The purpose of the conference in 2024 is to discuss the deployment of contactless payments for transit, including bank cards and mobile payments, highlight the opportunities, showcase newly integrated ticketing strategies and projects, analyze key trends, discuss best practices, review the latest developments, showcase innovations and new technologies, assess progress made with MaaS, and discuss the importance of data to optimize operations and customer service.

This two-day conference will feature 10 targeted sessions with speakers providing insights and practical advice for implementing advanced fare collection systems, highlighting developments and opportunities, and offering solutions to improve the customer experience. The conference will also help attendees understand the role of transit agencies, operators, ticketing system vendors, hardware and software vendors, purchasers and technology providers in establishing advanced, integrated and interoperable ticketing systems.

The event will bring together experts from leading public transport authorities and operators, policy and regulatory bodies, ministries and government departments, system integrators, technology and service providers, smart card manufacturers, technology and equipment providers, mobile ticketing providers, credit card companies, data architecture and IT firms, fare collection system providers, dynamic multi-service travel planners, taxi fleet operators, ride-sharing service providers, micro-mobility providers, ticketing infrastructure providers, industry consultants, research and development organizations, financiers, technical institutes, etc.


Conference highlights:

– Identify opportunities in Europe.

– Learning from case studies.

– Showcase technological solutions.

– Understand plans for AFC deployments.

– Meeting transport authorities, operators and city authorities.


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Transit Ticketing & Fare Collection in Europe 2024

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