Mobile data revolutionizes the production of Finland's national traffic information: the utilization of mobility data is advanced, even compared to the Nordic level

Fintraffic’s road traffic management is taking a major leap forward in the production of national traffic data in partnership with Telia. In the future, the national traffic data produced by Telia will enable mobile data-based analysis of roads. This will provide more accurate traffic background data for traffic counts in the field, which will be used in a wide range of applications such as traffic planning, winter road maintenance and repair, and various investment projects.

Driving Traffic Management Innovation

Traffic calculations are conducted across Finland’s state-owned road network spanning approximately 78,000 kilometers. The road network is divided into 15,000 segments and traffic is counted at 3,000 of these segments each year. Roadside calculations take between one to two weeks and are performed either manually or using radar.

Telia Crowd Insights data will reduce the need for roadside calculations in two ways. Firstly, the data will be used to determine whether there has been a significant change in traffic volume on a particular segment of road. If there hasn’t been a significant change, there is no need for Fintraffic to perform a roadside calculation. Secondly, whereas previously it was necessary for Fintraffic to perform two roadside calculations at different times of year on each segment to determine the seasonal variation pattern, this pattern will now be revealed by Telia Crowd Insights data.

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