Nordic+ Strategy Workshop: A Look into the Future of Mobility

The stunning city of Oslo played host to the visionary minds of the transportation sector in late October, with the Nordic+ Strategy Workshop taking place at the beautiful Hotel Bristol. This two-day meeting was very successful and effective.

Nordic+ Strategy Workshop
Nordic+ strategy workshop participants

Distinguished participants from the Nordic+ region included Lili Tiri and Paula Kolk of ITS Estonia, Søren Sørensen from ITS Denmark, Lilja Karlsdóttir from ITS Island, and representatives from ITS Finland, such as Marko Forsblom, Sanni Remonen, and Alex Gyllenbögel. From ITS Sweden, we had Samuel Henningsson and Hanna Eriksson-Lagerberg, while ITS Norway was represented by Jenny Simonsen, Silje Alice Pedersen, Trond Hovland, and Øystein Olsen. Additionally, Nina Egeli and Hege Guttormsen from Nordic Innovation also graced the event.

The gathering was more than just a meet-and-greet. A productive agenda awaited the participants, commencing with a warm welcome and an insightful overview of “Nordic+ Today”, presented by Jenny Simonsen & Marko Forsblom. A highlight was Nina Egeli’s introduction to other Nordic Innovation projects, particularly emphasizing the Smart Connectivity and Mobility Landscape. Here, the attendees were nudged to actively partake in the Smart Connectivity processes steered by Nordic Innovation’s mobility program.

A significant segment of the workshop was dedicated to the strategic direction of Nordic+, wherein numerous vision statements were laid out. The favorite among these was undeniable, “The leading region for future-proof mobility.” The mission statements further solidified the consortium’s commitment to revolutionizing mobility across the Nordic and Baltic cities, making them benchmarks for sustainable and smart transport systems globally.

The workshop accentuated three strategic pillars

  • Innovation – Pioneering sustainable and intelligent transportation solutions.
  • Networking – Facilitating a seamless connection across the region.
  • Influencing – Positioning Nordic+ as the future of mobility.

The values that form the bedrock of these strategies encompass Trust, Professionalism, Courage, Passion, and most importantly, Collaboration. It’s believed that these principles are the key to Nordic+’s ambition of molding a seamlessly interconnected region.

Trond Hovland having speech on second day of the workshop
Trond Hovland having speech on second day of the workshop

Charting the Future

The following day, the workshop shifted gears towards consolidation and future-planning.
After a recap of day one, Silje & Alex delved into the intricacies of communication strategies. Their emphasis on molding a consistent Nordic+ brand and positioning it as a vanguard in the field was particularly instructive.

Sanni unveiled the comprehensive annual calendar, going through the Nordic+ planned events and timetables for 2024-2025.

For our members, being part of the Intelligent Transport Network – ITS Nordic+ signifies a monumental opportunity. ITS Nordic+ is a collaborative platform, uniting representatives from government, cities, research and education institutions, and businesses to champion digitalisation in the transport sector. This alignment means they are not just at the cutting edge of sustainable and smart transport innovation but also play a pivotal role in shaping the digital transport landscape. Nina Egeli’s emphasis on the Smart Connectivity and Mobility Landscape further underscores an opportunity for them to engage in and influence major Nordic Innovation projects actively.

Participating in a workshop that sets the strategic direction for the entire Nordic+ region offers each ITS country member a unique platform to contribute and align their business strategies with the overarching vision of Nordic+. Their involvement ensures they are part of a network that aims for global benchmarks in transportation and sustainability. By embracing the core values of Trust, Professionalism, Courage, Passion, and Collaboration, they are not only strengthening their ventures but also solidifying the Nordic+ region’s commitment to a smooth, safe, and environmentally friendly future. Through ITS Nordic+, they are instrumental in realizing the shared goal of transforming the transportation sector for the better.

Here’s to the next great leap in sustainable and smart mobility!